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Welcome to a unique HR platform that connects global top tech companies with carefully selected IT experts and teams perfectly aligned with your specific industry, cutting-edge IT, and corporate values. Explore IT talent recruitment methods that transcend standard formats and boundaries to facilitate the discovery of top experts in Java, Python, C++, .net, Ruby, React, Javascript, Kotlin, and Go developers, as well as frontend and backend developers, DevOps, and security Engineers, infrastructure, integration, solution and software architects, UX and UI designers, and automation and manual testers, that supports fruitful collaboration and increases business profitability.


His career path includes working both in a recruitment agency and internally at a company, allowing him to gain comprehensive skills and deeper insight into the recruitment process. His experience spans the full range of the recruitment process - from gathering requirements from business departments and direct searches to meeting candidates, providing recommendations, making offers, and giving constructive feedback. His ability to build relationships with employers and candidates allows him to accurately select suitable candidates for specific roles and quickly onboard new employees. His engagement, knowledge, and skills make him a valuable resource in any team with ambitions to grow in a dynamic and competitive business environment.

I have an in-depth understanding of recruitment processes through my experience of sourcing candidates directly, conducting interviews, recommending the best talent, making job offers and providing constructive feedback. I have the ability to build effective relationships with both employers and candidates, enabling me to successfully match individuals to suitable positions. She is valued for her thoroughness, commitment and professional approach to each assignment, contributing to an efficient and effective recruitment process.

Values that guide us in recruiting IT talent and working with partners

Technical expertise and IT education

Prioritizing candidates with strong IT backgrounds and relevant technical skills ensures that EndySoft recruits top talent capable of meeting the specific needs of IT companies worldwide. We know the IT industry very well and follow the latest trends - that's why we know what to pay attention to when recruiting so that the Body and Team Leasing services we provide become a guarantee for the success of IT projects.

Cultural fit

Knowing the importance of value alignment and work ethic, EndySoft's IT experts look for individuals who integrate seamlessly into the diverse teams of partner companies, fostering collaboration and synergy. We know that the human factor and soft skills are just as important as technical knowledge and experience.

A proactive approach to the recruitment process

EndySoft maintains an edge in the competitive IT talent market by proactively sourcing and engaging potential candidates, ensuring a steady supply of qualified professionals for partner companies. We don't stand still. We value being task-oriented, timely, and open to business partners' needs.

Continuous learning

Valuing growth and innovation, EndySoft encourages its team members and partners to continually expand their knowledge and skills through training programs and staying abreast of new technologies. The IT market is constantly changing - we believe that only through continuous learning will we be able to provide Body and Team Leasing services with the best talent for software houses and tech companies and exciting job opportunities for top IT experts.

Teamwork and customer focus

At EndySoft, we believe in the power of teamwork and actively seek candidates who excel in collaborative environments, demonstrating a supportive and productive work culture. We care about the quality of communication, positive relationships, and empathy at every stage of customer contact.

Flexibility and adaptability in IT staffing

Recognizing the ever-changing nature of the IT industry, EndySoft recruiters look for individuals who can adapt to different project scopes, technologies, and work environments, ensuring seamless integration into partner organizations. Meanwhile, companies looking for talent are guaranteed flexible forms of cooperation - Body Leasing and Team Leasing for short-term and long-term projects.

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