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IT background, which guarantees effectiveness in recruiting tech and software specialists

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Check out the reviews of those who are already using Body Leasing, Team Leasing, and IT Recruitment

Karel Z.

“I am thrilled with the exceptional services provided by the EndySoft team. They match us with highly skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate into our team and consistently exceed our expectations. Their flexibility in scaling our workforce has been invaluable. Highly recommended!”

Petr S.

“As a software house owner, I know how hard it is to find highly qualified specialists in Java, Python, C++, .net, Ruby, React, Javascript, or Kotlin. Earlier, we spent many hours searching the market to create a team dedicated to a particular project. Now I outsource these tasks so that I can focus on business development. Team Leasing works thanks to smooth communication with specialists from EndySoft perfectly”

Jan P.

“Our company often needs specialists in various IT fields for short-term tasks. Thanks to Body Leasing and Team Leasing offered by EndySoft, we get access to a broad base of professionals ready to start working immediately. The recruitment process is carried out very efficiently and effectively. The team of experts at EndySoft understands our needs very well and searches for candidates who best fit the requirements of our projects. We receive high-quality resumes and information about the candidates' experience and skills, simplifying our recruitment decisions.”

Carol O.

“By working with EndySoft, we can flexibly adjust hiring to our current needs without the risk of long-term commitments. In addition, we don't have to worry about the administration involved in hiring and billing employees, as the service provider handles everything. Their professionalism, efficiency, and attention to our needs make us happy with the results of our cooperation. We recommend this company to anyone seeking a solution to find the best IT professionals.”

Jana A.

“Flexible but professional approach, IT background, excellent business sense - we have been using the services of EndySoft for a long time and consistently achieve 100% satisfaction. Quick contact, seamless communication, understanding of needs, and expert advice. What more could we want? Only further such cooperation!”

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