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Average time to fill IT team

70 Hours

Number of successfully recruited IT experts

359 Specialists

Number of current job openings for IT teams

72 Jobs

Average duration of the recruitment process

6 Hours

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Access to exclusive job opportunities in a variety of IT fields, both short- and long-term

Fast recruitment process - the average time to fill a position is only 9 days

We have IT background - so we understand your needs very well

Personalized job recommendations based on your skills and career goals - you can count on it!

Assistance with formalities - from interviews to signing contracts

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Karel Z.

“I am thrilled with the exceptional services provided by the EndySoft team. They match us with highly skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate into our team and consistently exceed our expectations. Their flexibility in scaling our workforce has been invaluable. Highly recommended!”

Petr S.

“As a software house owner, I know how hard it is to find highly qualified specialists in Java, Python, C++, .net, Ruby, React, Javascript, or Kotlin. Earlier, we spent many hours searching the market to create a team dedicated to a particular project. Now I outsource these tasks so that I can focus on business development. Team Leasing works thanks to smooth communication with specialists from EndySoft perfectly”

Jan P.

“Our company often needs specialists in various IT fields for short-term tasks. Thanks to Body Leasing and Team Leasing offered by EndySoft, we get access to a broad base of professionals ready to start working immediately. The recruitment process is carried out very efficiently and effectively. The team of experts at EndySoft understands our needs very well and searches for candidates who best fit the requirements of our projects. We receive high-quality resumes and information about the candidates' experience and skills, simplifying our recruitment decisions.”

Carol O.

“By working with EndySoft, we can flexibly adjust hiring to our current needs without the risk of long-term commitments. In addition, we don't have to worry about the administration involved in hiring and billing employees, as the service provider handles everything. Their professionalism, efficiency, and attention to our needs make us happy with the results of our cooperation. We recommend this company to anyone seeking a solution to find the best IT professionals.”

Jana A.

“Flexible but professional approach, IT background, excellent business sense - we have been using the services of EndySoft for a long time and consistently achieve 100% satisfaction. Quick contact, seamless communication, understanding of needs, and expert advice. What more could we want? Only further such cooperation!”

Streamlined recruitment process thanks to Body Leasing, Team Leasing, and IT Recruitment services. Learn how we work!

Step 1: Contact Us: Submit A Resume

Start your journey in IT staffing by sending us your resume. In it, indicate your skills, experience, and achievements in the field you specialize in. In Body Leasing, Team Leasing, and IT recruiting, we are constantly looking for top talent in Java, Python, C++, .net, Ruby, React, Javascript, Kotlin, and Go developers, as well as frontend and backend developers, DevOps and security IT experts. Besides, our interests are infrastructure, integration, solution and software architects, UX and UI designers, and automation and manual testers. Our intuitive interface ensures a smooth application process and quick contact.

Step 2: Screening: We'll Analyze Your CV And Provide Feedback

Once we receive your application and CV, our expert team conducts a comprehensive analysis, carefully reviewing your qualifications and experience. We provide valuable feedback, offering insights on areas where you can further enhance your profile. Our goal is to help you stand out in the competitive landscape and increase your chances of securing rewarding opportunities.

Step 3: Position Offers: You Will Receive Available Job Offers Tailored To Your Skills And Preferences

Based on our thorough evaluation and understanding of your skills and preferences, we curate a personalized selection of job offers. These positions are specifically tailored to match your expertise in Body Leasing, Team Leasing, or IT Recruitment. We strive to present you with opportunities that align with your career goals and aspirations.

Step 4: Interviews: Attend Interviews With Potential Employers

Upon receiving job offers, we assist in coordinating interviews with potential employers. We provide guidance and support throughout the interview process, equipping you with the necessary resources to showcase your capabilities effectively. Our expertise in Body Leasing , Team Leasing, or IT Recruitment enables us to prepare you for the specific requirements of each interview, enhancing your chances of success.

Step 5: Contract: Sign The Contract And Begin Your New Role

Once you successfully navigate the interview stage, and both you and the employer have reached a mutual agreement, we guide you through the contract signing process. We ensure that all contractual terms are transparent and clearly outlined, offering legal support and clarification where needed. With the contract finalized, you can embark on your new role, ready to make an impact.

Step 6: Support: We Check With You Periodically

We believe in maintaining an ongoing relationship with our candidates even after they secure a position. Our dedicated team periodically checks in with you to ensure your transition into the new role is smooth. We address any concerns or challenges you may encounter and provide support, guidance, and resources to help you thrive in your Body Leasing, Team Leasing, or IT Recruitment role.

Discover the endless possibilities of job seeking with us! Check benefits!

At EndySoft, we know that effective recruiting minimizes the risk of losing exceptional candidates to competitors, ensuring that the best talent is secured before they leave. We care for candidates by offering support and quick access to exciting IT job opportunities. Working with us, you can count on the following:

Amplified effectiveness

Partnering with our IT Recruitment agency boosts your chances of landing your dream job. We possess deep industry knowledge, insider connections, and specialized expertise, ensuring you receive personalized guidance and support throughout recruitment.

Streamlined recruitment journey

Stay informed and stay ahead. We ensure that every candidate remains up to date with the recruitment process, providing regular updates, feedback, and insights. Our proactive approach ensures you are well-prepared and confident at every stage, maximizing your chances of success.

Insider access to IT jobs

Gain exclusive access to hidden job opportunities not publicly advertised. Our extensive network and strong relationships with top IT companies grant you an advantage, exposing you to a wide range of exciting career prospects that may not be accessible elsewhere.

Tailored guidance

We understand that every candidate is unique. Our experienced IT Recruitment professionals take the time to understand your skills, aspirations, and career goals. With this knowledge, we provide personalized guidance, aligning your qualifications with the right job opportunities to help you thrive.

Industry insights

Stay ahead of the ever-evolving IT landscape. As a cooperative candidate in Body Leasing, Team Leasing, and IT Recruitment services, you gain access to our industry insights and market trends. We inform you about the latest technologies, emerging job roles, and in-demand skills, empowering you to make informed decisions and stay competitive.

Expertise and support

Our dedicated team of IT Recruitment experts is here to support you every step - from resume optimization and interview preparation to negotiation strategies and post-placement assistance. We offer expert guidance and support tailored to your needs, ensuring a smooth and successful journey through the IT market job.

Time and resource efficiency

By collaborating with our IT Recruitment agency, you save valuable time and resources. We handle the tedious tasks of sourcing job opportunities, conducting screenings, and coordinating interviews, allowing you to focus on honing your skills and preparing for career advancement.

Long-term partnership

Our commitment continues after your successful placement. We build long-term partnerships with our candidates, providing ongoing support, career development advice, and opportunities for continuous growth in short-term and long-term IT projects. We aim to be your trusted career advisor, helping you successfully navigate your IT and new technology journey.

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